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Streaming films on Hulu, Netflix, Sky, and Amazon Prime.
Signed up to Disney+ gonna watch that too sometime.
Wanna play my tunes on Spotify and Tidal.
Or maybe just download something new I’ll love on Audible.
Stream streaming content, It’s so hard to make up my mind.

We have over 300 services to pick from online
So many exclusives, but nobody has the time.
Toggling 'tween the apps on my smartphone and TV
It's too much an effort, even for a Gen Z like me.
Stream, streaming content, it’s like working overtime.

2020 Insight

You will subscribe to too many streaming services.

Every month, it seems that another company jumps into the streaming content pool. Netflix is still the dominating force in its field, but they’re faced with stiff competition from newcomers and old foes alike. In 2019 alone, consumers were treated to the emergence of Disney+ and Apple+, two platforms from beloved brands that offered classic films and original content sprinkled with A-list names. Consumers are always facing the difficult decision to choose which service to subscribe to – a nearly impossible choice when you consider there are currently over 100 services to choose from. This saturation of platforms has created a full-on streaming war. Consumers need to determine which side they stand on, a choice revolving around price, licensed and original content.

With all of the streaming options 2020 has to offer, it will be no wonder if most of us will wind up subscribing to too many services!