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As my heartbeat is slowly rising,
Better heath is on the horizon.
With my wearable tracking me go,
I’m feeling much more in the know.

As I finally tap ‘goodnight’
On my sleep- app smart pillow,
If my dreams fall out of sight,
When morning comes, I will know!

2020 Insight

You will see the impact IoT has on the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry is one of the latest industries to be bitten by the tech bug. IoT capabilities are being increasingly integrated into a spectrum of products, changing the face of health monitoring. As “fitness” and “wellness” continue to be two interchangeable buzzwords, healthcare companies are finding gateways to develop innovative ways to cater to this positive trend. From tracking a workout with Fitbit to Apple Watch’s lifesaving heart monitor, healthcare has gone above and beyond the boundaries of the doctor’s office to become a bigger part of the consumer’s life – the impact is visible everywhere you turn.