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Tesla’s leaning on robotic hires
Google’s algorithm grows
Everybody knows
A.I and robots long ago
Helped to make our workplace bright
Boring tasks by programs in the know
Help us put big goals in sight.

2020 Insight

AI cements its role in the future of work.

Artificial Intelligence is tricky business – equal parts thrilling and daunting, it’s a new frontier and a testament to how the futuristic novels of the past were, in a sense, future-predictors themselves. An organization’s success will be largely determined by their ability to adapt to the demands of its next wave of employees. In 2020, AI is poised to streamline processes while boosting productivity, efficiency and accuracy across all levels. AI will lead the charge in assisting business functions to compliment employee intelligence.

Organizations need to take heed of AI as we push forth into the future - are you ready to take on AI?