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Business time, change is on the rise,
B Corp is a trend worldwide.
They do things that matter, act re-spon-sibly,
So the future is ours, for the e-con-omy.

It’s time for changing, It’s time for leading,
It’s time for helping, not deceiving.
Sustainable actions bring us satisfaction
We’ll be impactful, it’s half of the battle.

2020 Insight

Your brand's core values will become common discourse.

Benefit Corporations (B Corps) are companies that set the standards for verified social and enviromental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to redfine what it means to be a successful business and brand. For a consumer base like Gen Z, were brands and personal value alignment is of the utmost importance, Certified B Corps will set a new standard for business success.

Gen Zers feel personally responsible to make a difference and will engage with and support brands meet their standards. Will your business support Gen Z's shared mission?