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Esports is growing
Bigger by the day,
With sponsorships and brand new games,
And PvP all day.

Ooohhh! Esports will disrupt
Your market strategy,
So hit up Twitch and find a stream,
Or maybe start a team.

There must be untapped magic
In that LoL campground
For when you get all powered up
You'll take the minions down.

Ooohhh! Esports is upping
Brand relevancy,
Our targets met,
And we’ve built an engaged community.

2020 Insight

You will be asked for your eSports strategy.

Move over, traditional sports – it’s time for the new wave of online gaming to come in off the sidelines! eSports is quickly becoming the first-string for entertainment, attracting hordes of people to thousand-seater stadiums and building unconventional careers for professional gamers worldwide. This modern world of gaming is predicted to become a $30 billion-plus industry by 2023 in the United States alone. How is this possible, so many of us are wondering? For a generation that doesn’t blink twice at new technology, it’s inarguable that eSports’ success is due to its ability to bring a personal touch to the experience of gameplay.

Are you prepared to craft an eSports strategy?