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Said the strategist to the little box,
Alexa, can you help me?
Voice is set to power your marketing strategy
With AI like Alexa, OK Google, and Siri
People will get the re-sults they need
But will shoppers find the re-sults they need?

Said the commuter to the little box,
Alexa, can you hear me?
I am coming home, so turn on my lights.
And set them to medium bright.
And set them to medium bright.

2020 Insight

You will start your voice marketing strategy.

Between Alexa, Siri, Google Home and other voice assistant devices, voice search is evolving the way consumers search for and find their next favorite brand. In the New Year, voice search will account for 50%(!) of all internet-based queries. The rising popularity of this search channel demands brands rethink their SEO strategies. Some forward-thinking brands are even collaborating with Amazon and Google to create and integrate brand-sponsored actions. For example, Domino’s allows pizza-lovers to place their orders solely through verbal instruction. Patron provides cocktail recipes upon verbal request from their users.

Just as it’s now expected of brands to have a compelling mobile experience, soon consumers will expect top brands to provide an integrated voice search and command experience, too.