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On the twelfth day of business, a colleague sent to me,
Twelve Laptops humming
Eleven iPads shining
Ten plants a-growing
Nine go-pros filming
Eight clocks a-ticking
Seven chairs a-swivling
Six screens a-glowing
Five email pings,
Four presenting boards,
Three new pens,
Two VR gloves,
And a cartridge by drone delivery

2020 Insight

A drone will be used in some part of delivering your order.

Think back to the last time you purchased something – if your purchase had been made via an online retailer, chances are you’re already hip to the trend. An overt shift in consumer behavior has required businesses to deliver more packages at a faster clip, resulting in severely increased traffic in cities already plagued by congestion, like New York. The “City that Doesn’t Sleep” saw an uptick of 1.5 million packages being delivered daily. The old-school method of delivering packages is quickly becoming infeasible and falling by the wayside. Enter the world of the drones, new tech being tapped to keep up with consumer demands and improve delivery methods. From government surveillance to light shows in the sky, we’ve seen a vast expansion in recent uses for drones. As businesses continue to find new ways to utilize drones, the FAA predicts the number of commercial aircrafts to hit 835,000 by 2023. Delivery is the next logical step in this evolution.

With the emergence of initiatives like Amazon's Prime Air and GoogleX's Project Wing, it is only a matter of time before drone delivery becomes the king of delivery methods.